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Throughout the year, The Neighborhood House is utilized by individuals, as well as other groups and organizations for a wide variety of events, both public and private.  First and foremost, The Neighborhood House is a non-profit community center serving the residents of Mt. Desert, but we are lucky to have a space that can be utilized by others as well. When using the space, please remember that The Neighborhood House is a very busy “house.”  At times, multiple groups may be utilizing the space, and between 5am and 10pm, members will be occupying the lower level fitness room and studio space.


For information on rental fees, policies, or other questions, please email or call us at (207) 276-5039.



Basic Rental Information:Lawn


For the majority of events held in our space, the Great Hall (large room on first floor) is utilized.  When renting the Great Hall, you also have use of the stage, kitchen, anteroom, and first floor restrooms.  Tables and chairs are also available for use (see below for info).


For groups or organizations that simply need a “meeting space,” some of our smaller rooms are also available.




Building Rental FAQ:


How many tables and chairs do you have?

We have 12 round tables (5 ft in diameter; fit six comfortably), and 10 rectangular tables (8 ft long; fit 6-8 comfortably).  We also have approximately 200 stacking chairs.



Is audio/visual equipment available, such as microphones, projectors, etc?

At this point, we do not have audio/visual equipment available for public use.  However, you are welcome to bring these items with you if required for your event.



Great Hall

Great HallDoes NHH handle “setup” and “cleanup?"

We do not offer setup or cleanup services.  Renters are responsible for both, so please plan accordingly.  We simply ask that you “leave the space as you found it.”  We provide trash bags, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, etc. (all located in the kitchen and pantry area).





How much does it cost to rent?

Our rental fees vary depending on what sort of event is taking place, amongst other things. For example, we would require a higher rental fee for a commercial event such as an art show than we would for a child’s birthday party.  Please email or call us at 276-5039 to discuss specifics.



Aunt Hibou RoomCan I serve alcohol at my event?

If you rent the space for a public event and will be serving alcoholic beverages or allowing participants to bring their own beverages, a BYOB permit from the State of Maine is required (NHH has copies of the application, but the renter is responsible for obtaining the permit prior to their event). Private events (i.e., not open to the public) do not require a permit (similar to if you invited guests over to your own home). If beverages will be handled by a bartender or caterer, we suggest you make arrangements regarding permits, etc. with them in advance of your event. 




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There is always a lot going on at The Neighborhood House, and we're always looking to add more!

If you have an idea for a program or activity, please stop by, give us a call, or drop us an email

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The Neighborhood House depends on private financial support so that it may continue to provide a wide array of programs and events to the entire community throughout the year. Any gift, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated and will aid us in achieving that goal. Equally important are the volunteers, without whom non of this would be possible.