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Over the past years we have watched The Neighborhood House grow from a single purpose building that was largely abandoned in the winter months, to a facility that is in use year round. Our growth has allowed us the flexibility to serve the community at several levels. We have a fitness room that has several hundred users and a building that was able to accommodate the elementary school when it was in need of space. The Senior College uses the space on a regular basis as do the Mount Desert Festival of Chamber Music, several art shows, MDI Tomorrow meetings, school groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, cooking classes, Youth Club, and birthday groups.

In these times of uncertainty and violence throughout the world, it is wonderful to have a place that one can return to throughout their life with the assurance that it will be there. The Neighborhood House is such a place. People come and go. They move away and they return. New people join the town. The Neighborhood House stands as a reminder of the continuity of life in this community, and the comforts that a hometown can provide.

Your help is what allows us to provide this sanctuary to the town. Thanks to large and generous gifts we have grown in the past few years. For us to be here on a day to day basis for this and the following generations, we need your donation. Thank you.



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NHH now offers a conveneint automated monthly donation option. To get started, CLICK HERE to download the required form, and please contact us (207-276-5039) to discuss this option further or let us know if you have any questions. Breaking your donation up into automated monthly donations is an easy way to make budget-friendly contributions that still have a HUGE impact on NHH and OUR community!





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The Neighborhood House depends on private financial support so that it may continue to provide a wide array of programs and events to the entire community throughout the year. Any gift, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated and will aid us in achieving that goal. Equally important are the volunteers, without whom non of this would be possible.